Beginner, Competitive and High Performance Development at Morson Perfomance


Little Futures clinics are for beginner 7-10 year old player, just learning the game of tennis with the goal of future progression. MPT will focus on introducing proper grip, hand-eye coordination and technique. The balls used will be age dependent based on the USTA pathways guidelines, red or orange.

High Performance Futures (HPF) clinics will focus on the 10-13 year old player who have tennis experience, are serious about tennis, but have had little competitive experience. This could be a player currently playing on the green ball but working towards transitioning to the yellow ball,  or a USTA Novice and Challenger looking to improve quickly.  


High Performance (HP) and HP Plus clinics are specialized training clinics which combine tennis and conditioning for a select group of players. HP players consist of serious tournament players, It's important they have a strong work ethic on the court and the desire to improve their overall fitness level. Candidates for the HP clinics should contact MPT for their option to participate in the clinics.