Registration & Enrollment:


Sign Up:

Please fill out the form below and Coach Jenno Morson will confirm if there is a spot available for the term. Spots will be selected based on skill level, past and present commitment to the MPT program. 12 players maximum available guaranteed spots per term.  

New Players: 

New players  are required to apply for entry into the program. 

Please contact Jenno Morson 415-308-6488, for consideration. 

What to do once you are confirmed for the term:
1. Please make payment below via Visa or Paypal Friends/Family options. If by check, payable to Jenno Morson

2. Players currently signed up will automatically be enrolled for the next term. Please contact MPT 2 weeks before the next term if you wish to cancel.

3. Payment must be received at least 1 week prior of each term.

HP Futures, Green/Yellow

Mon/Wed 4:00-5:45

Fee: $48/session, 3-week commitment

No Drop ins

HP & High Performance Plus

Mon, Wed 5:45-7:45

Fee: $55/session, 3-week commitment

No Drop-ins

Term Length:  Fees are calculated on a 3 week term basis.  There are no refunds for withdrawal through a term.​​

Rainouts:  Rainouts will be announced via email by 1:30 pm day of clinic.  No charge for canceled clinics due to a rainout. MPT will credit towards the next term.  MPT will also try to make every effort to extend or add clinics whenever possible on Saturdays or Sundays.

If the class has already gone on for more than 30 minutes, rain interruption will not result in any makeup session and that particular session will be considered a complete session. 

Sickness/Injury Policy:  No credits or fee reduction for missed sessions due to sickness or minor injury. However, in the event of a more serious injury (i.e. a player twisting their ankle or a prolonged ‘overuse’ pain, missing more than 50% of the term), MPT will credit them towards the next term.