Morson Performance Tennis is geared towards players who are committed to an intensive training schedule in an effort to maximize their potential both on and off the court. The Developmental Junior Pathway at MPT is designed to take players to the next level by providing a very exclusive, individualized program. The high performance sessions addresses every aspect of each player’s game by daily tactical, technical, mental toughness, conditioning, and match-play training.


Student-athletes in the yearly program go through a comprehensive evaluation including video analysis that takes into consideration all elements of the game. The evaluation and development is overseen by MPT Director, Jenno Morson, who directs the student’s progress throughout the year and new skills will be taught to build on athlete’s strengths and improve areas of weakness.


Once the initial evaluation is complete, MPT will determine the individual direction of each student and implement a detailed developmental plan. Short and long-term strategy is discussed in order to achieve each student’s goals. MPT will work closely with the parents/players and discuss their progress throughout the year.


A periodization approach to the technical, tactical, physical and mental elements of training enables MPT to produce skilled, motivated, athletes who rise to the challenge of competition. 


Periodization works in cycles and provides the ability to plan technical, pre-competition and competition training phases around each student's short and long-term tournament schedules. The Morson Performance program's goal is to deliver results, while still promoting the student-athlete as a whole.





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